The Suprasorb F film wound dressing by Lohmann-Rauscher consists of a breathable, flexible and wipe-clean polyurethane film, which allows the wound to be monitored constantly without having to remove the dressing. Suprasorb F is ideal for wounds in the epithelisation phase and protects them from external influences, such as water and microbes. The film wound dressing can also be worn in the shower and can be wiped clean with disinfectants containing alcohol, iodine and octenidine, if necessary. 

The Suprasorb F film wound dressing is available in various sizes, as required. 

Suprasorb F Film Wound Dressing 15x20cm (6x8in) 2 pcs

    • Tattoo Aftercare
    • Film wound dressing 
    • Material: polyurethane film
    • Fluid repellent 
    • Easy to apply 
    • High flexibility and stretchability ensure wearer comfort 
    • Easy wound monitoring via transparent film 
    • Protects the wound against external influences, including microbes 
    • Breathable material contributes to good wound healing 
    • Can also be worn in the shower 
    • Can be wiped clean, e.g. with disinfectants containing alcohol, iodine or octenidine
    • Individually sterile-sealed 
    • Available in various sizes 
    • 2 pcs 15x20cm (6x8in)
    • Made in Germany EXP 2024-12

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