The Suprasorb F film dressing for recent tattoos is a 10 cm x 1 m sticking plaster and guarantees invisible, effective protection against inflammations in day-to-day life and even under the shower. Just clean the tattoo, put on some lotion, cut to length, peel off the backing film, apply it and the wound dressing is ready.

The Suprasorb F film dressing by Lohmann-Rauscher consists of a breathable, flexible and wipe-clean polyurethane film, which allows the wound to be monitored constantly without having to remove the dressing. Suprasorb F is ideal for wounds in the epithelisation phase and protects them from external influences, such as water and microbes. 

Made in Germany 

EXP 2026.03.31

Suprasorb F Film Dressing 10cm x 1m (4 in x 1.1 yd) 2 pcs

  • - 10 cm x 1 m (4 in x 1.1 yd)
    - Non-sterile, rolled
    - Invisible protective cover for recent tattoos
    - Easy to apply on the tattoo
    - High wearing comfort due to safe, flexible support
    - Perfect control (transparent sticking plaster)
    - Effective protection against inflammations
    - Optimal wound healing due to high breathability
    - Even showering is possible
    - No desiccation of the skin, therefore no scarring
    - Bacteria-tight, extremely thin film